Thanks for the information and the bridge/crown example. I have received the package. I must say that I am shocked in a positive way! Very nice work! Excellent fitting.


Dr. Silva

I’m great, sorry, I’ve been so busy with work, I got the crown and it was fantastic.

Crown was perfect! Thank you for good work.(-Dr. Manuel)


Dr. Steven

Yes, thank you. I was meaning to text you, all the cases work looked great, I will definitely forward more work soon. Thank you for your great communication, service, and high quality well designed lab cases.



Good morning, my holiday was great, thanks. Just felt a bit short! By the way, all the jobs went very well, so thanks guys.


Dr. Javier

My patients were very satisfied with your works. Really good job, I will send you more.


Dr. Frank

Thank you and I would like to say you att hector patient crown implant was perfect!!! Thank you and nothing for correction after.


Dr. Tiffany

Full arch bridge was perfect! And I didn’t slip anything!!! You did amazing work. I sent yesterday more jobs.

I’m sending you a picture from Luer’s crown! Very nice job.(-Dr. Dadli)


Dr. Benny

I want to say grateful for a fantastic impl. Test on pat. Gladys. she was so happy! I’m sending now her finishing and two implant systems too with Straumann locator both pat will be over denture and i’m sending too with theirs locator but another component you maybe need you can order.


Dr. Maria

Thank you for the full house bridge. I was very happy, so was the patient! But I have cemented it temporary so he can test it before permanent cementing.

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