The choice of dental implant is very important

A healthy concept will gradually penetrate into people’s hearts over time, as is the case with dental implants. With the vigorous popularization of dental implant technology in China in recent years, when economic conditions permit, compared with traditional movable dentures and fixed porcelain teeth, people are more and more inclined to implant teeth. Patients who choose tooth implants have shown an upward trend in recent years. Among them, some patients with serious tooth loss problems will choose to replace implants in their entire mouths. However, there are still patients struggling and questioning, why do everyone choose implants for missing teeth restoration? Is implants really reliable?

Dean Jin Yanzhong, a Korean implant specialist at Los Angels Dental, graduated from the Department of Dental Implants, Hanlin University, with an MSD (Master of Dentistry) degree. He worked at the UN Dentistry in Gangnam, Seoul in the early years. It has been more than 30 years for dental implants. In 1997, Mr. Jin Yanzhong came to Bethune University for training, and went to Switzerland, South Korea, the United States and other countries for oral and dental culture and academic exchanges. It is one of the earliest scholars engaged in dental implant technology research in Asia, and has unique insights on difficult implant technology.

Dental implant work


Growing teeth is an investment in quality of life

At present, the market price of dental implants in Yantai ranges from several thousand to tens of thousands of yuan per tooth. This price range makes it difficult for most citizens to choose. Dean Jin said that the price of dental implants is determined by different implant brands, implant doctors and implantation techniques. At the beginning, it sounded like a big expense, but in the long run, this right A healthy investment is worth it because it avoids multiple treatments for mobile dentures and fixed porcelain teeth, which can greatly improve the quality of life of patients with missing teeth in the future. Dean Jin also mentioned that among the patients he treated, some people did not have the consciousness of protecting their teeth in their early years, and after the middle and old age many teeth fell off, each meal was tortured. After replacing them with dental implants, the problem of eating was solved, and the patient’s heartfelt gratitude can make him feel happy to be a doctor every time.

Material, experience and maintenance are indispensable

A dental implant includes several parts of the implant, connector and crown. Dean Jin said: “The stability of dental implants depends on the quality of the material, the experience of the doctor and the care of the patient. If the material is not close, the related parts are easy to loosen and break. Even if the quality of the material is guaranteed, the experience of the doctor is not rich , May also lead to failure. In particular, some patients have alveolar bone osteoporosis, poor gum conditions, and high requirements for doctors’ operating experience.” Therefore, Dean Jin recommends that patients should fully consider the doctor’s practice when choosing experience. “Only trained dentists can perform dental implant surgery. Good implant specialists can deal with related issues perfectly during the operation and ensure satisfactory implant results. This requires the implant doctor and team not only to have comprehensive medical knowledge and skilled The operation experience should have a good aesthetic cultivation, apply the perfect concept in clinical work, and consider it for the patient.”

In addition, patients should also consider the sustainability of this medical institution. A dental implant is like a good car, and subsequent maintenance is long-term. Generally speaking, after dental implants, regular re-examination is required, and some maintenance work is done on the tissues around the dental implants. Maintenance tools include dental floss, interdental brushes, cleaning, etc., which is conducive to the cleanliness and health of dental implants. If the patient chooses a medical institution that is not reliable and quickly closes down, in the unlikely event that the dental implant needs to be replaced or re-implanted, the responsible medical institution cannot be found, and the original cost is also beaten. Water float.

Strict digital evaluation and preparation before surgery

Although dental implants are suitable for most people, before a dental implant surgery, a responsible doctor will let the patient first check to assess the patient’s health and oral conditions. Patients need to take panoramic CT films for routine examinations, make dental implant models and do detailed analysis before surgery to determine the appropriate treatment plan; at the same time, they must also carry out necessary physical examinations such as blood tests and blood pressure measurements to ensure the safety of the patient’s surgery Sex, if the patient has a serious chronic disease, it needs to be controlled in order to consider implantation; if the patient has obvious inflammation, it is also necessary to choose surgery carefully. All this requires a comprehensive and strict judgment by professional dental implant restoration experts. The doctor’s experience plays a key role in determining whether the patient is suitable for dental implants.

After detailed examination, rigorous preoperative evaluation and preparation, the doctor then develops a personalized implantation plan for the patient, including the choice of dental implant materials, implantation timing, implantation location, length, size, restoration time, restoration of beauty and function selection Wait. For implant materials of different prices, patients are most concerned about “good quality and low price”. At this time, the doctor will make a personalized choice based on the patient’s specific oral condition and the patient’s wishes, comprehensively considering the performance, precision and appearance of the dental implant.

Luoshen Dental focuses on dental implants

Luoshen has been focusing on the development of dental implant technology. Since Luoshenfang Angel Dental Service began to serve the majority of patients with missing teeth, it has successfully implanted tens of thousands of implants for more than 3,000 dental implant patients, helping thousands of oral disease patients succeed With a good mouth, good teeth and good mouth, every day in Luoshenfang Angel Mouth, there are dozens of smiles from the heart, and each smile is filled with happiness. Luoshen Dental has more than 10,000 annual diagnosis and treatments. With a full range of quality services, Luoshen Dental has become a designated oral medical service unit of many enterprises and institutions in Hong Kong City.

Post time: Jul-08-2020

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