Send a parcel

Thanks for choosing us as your partner. We are sure your dentists and patients will be satisfied with our works. Now let’s go to the points you need to pay attention to when you send us works:
1)Case instructions.

1.Please tell us what your standard is, like embrasure (open, close or normal), proximal contact(heavy or light or non-contact), occlusal contact(heavy, light, or open), shade, margin design(lingual metal margin, no metal margin, or other designs), whether to stain the occlusal fissure, etc.
2.If you don’t have instruction sheet, please click here to download. xls
2)Call FedEx,UPS,or DHL.

1.Fill out shipping label(please write our address and contact number correctly).
2.Please do not use very large package if you send only few cases as the freight charge will be related to the size of the package.
3.Prepare proforma invoice.
3)Now what you need to do is just waiting for the works to come back…

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