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  • The choice of dental implant is very important

    A healthy concept will gradually penetrate into people’s hearts over time, as is the case with dental implants. With the vigorous popularization of dental implant technology in China in recent years, when economic conditions permit, compared with traditional movable dentures and fixed porce...
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  • Technological advances are enabling a more efficient digital workflow in dentistry

    Technological advances are enabling a more efficient digital workflow in dentistry. Digital dentistry, which has become an essential component of my practice, improves clinical outcomes, reduces the time and expense of restorations and implants, and improves patient comfort. With the explosion of...
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  • Clear aligners are the invisible alternative to traditional braces

    Clear aligners are the invisible alternative to traditional braces. Made to shift and guide your teeth into a better position. Now more and more patients turn to Clear Aligner to align their teeth, as it’s more aesthetic and more precision. 
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  • Metal Laser Sintering Process

    Metal Laser Sintering Process. In the dental office, an impression of a tooth preparation is made to start with, after routine diagnosis and treatment planning. The impression could be a conventional or a digital impression. In the dental laboratory, the impression is casted and a model is prepar...
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  • Yuav ua li cas koj yuav tsum paub txog Hniav Extractions

    NTAWM LUB NTAU HEALTH CARE cov txheej txheem koj yuav tsum tau yauv mus ua, ib tug hniav extraction yog tej zaum ntawm cov tsawg kawg yog ntshaw. Hollywood tsab ntawv sau ntawv tej zaum tig mus rau cov hniav extraction (tsis muaj ib tug ua kom loog) mus depict tsim txom scenes. Nyob rau hauv lub neej tiag tiag, hniav extractions - nrog ib tug ua kom loog, ntawm chav kawm - yog ...
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